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Alex Caruso

Tuesday, 03 April 2018

© Alex Caruso

What are your personal thoughts and experiences with working with film?

I also have a darkroom in the building that I live in. I didn’t realize it before, but the easy access to both of those things really made this project enjoyable for me. I can go to the skate park, skate for a bit, make a new friend, then ask to take pictures. After, I head right over to my house to develop them. My favorite part about it is working in the darkroom. Though it’s a very scientific and straightforward process, there is something truly magical about watching your print appear in the developer, and something calming and meditative about the entire experience.

About the shots you took, what inspired you the most to actually shoot those portraits and tricks? What are your personal thoughts and experiences with working with film?

I like working with film because I enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see the final result. Working with film has also improved my digital shooting. With only 36 shots, you learn to understand the value of composing a meaningful scene.

Further plans on shooting more portraits of skating people? Or are you going to switch to other sports, story?

So I’m going to continue to shoot skaters. I myself, skate on a regular basis and live right down the road from a skatepark. I don’t plan on shooting other sports. Not because I don’t enjoy other sports, but because I have a specific goal in mind for this project. I do have a few images of BMX riders on my website, but as the project progresses, those will be gone and the work you see will improve.

All the pictures shown in this article were taken by Alex Carujo. To see more, please head to the link below:

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