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Located in different parts of the world, people on the team all have one point in common: they’re passionate. When they do something, they do it fully. If they photograph, that’s because they trust pictures.


Odair Fortes - Editor in chief of TBbM

This architect comes with a lot of practice in the eating, sport and procrastination departement. Born in Luxembourg an raised Capverdean he runs on basketball, spareribs and terrible jokes. His love for photography showcase his curiosity and attention for detail and composition.

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Danielle Wrobleski - Editor

Frequently buried in too many cameras, Danielle is the poster child for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Accidentally tripping into film photography several years ago, it now consumes her life and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Located in the Midwest, when she’s not messing around with cameras you can find her hiking, cuddling cats, or curled up with a good book.

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Ciaran Barker - Editor

A true testament to the phrase ‘Stay broke, shoot film’. Ciaran can be mainly found in the South West of England, exploring the coast and documenting simple everyday life. With the acquisition of his first medium format camera, expect lots of experimentation with portraits and landscapes of the Cornish coastline.

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Gabi Roozee - Editor

A photographer from Oregon who is drawn to the beauty of the mountains, symmetry, and lonely trees. She mostly works in medium format but has recently started experimenting with 4x5 paper negatives. When not out hiking with her husband and dogs, she can be found baking, reading, or participating in her favorite ice sports.

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