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Analog photography is, thankfully, not dead yet! But first, hello and welcome to The Blackbox Magazine.

We are an international group of freelancers who joined forces to share with other enthusiasts our love for film photography.

The mission of our magazine is to provide you with new and exciting opportunities, knowledge and an international community from all around the world to share your craft with. Together we can make things happen

How do we work? About 2 months before every publication we will announce a "Call for shots", along with the chosen theme for the upcoming issue. Candidates can send a selection of 10 pictures or a project with 10 pictures, accompanied by a short description of every picture, to our email address. We will make our selection and let you know if your pictures were selected for the print. We will have an interview over email to get to know you better. During this interview you will be given the opportunity to explain every picture you want to have published. It's as simple as that!

Newcomers: Welcome and enjoy!
Regulars: Get more inspired!

Featured Artists/Photographers

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