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Joel Diensi

Sunday, 19 January 2020

© Joel Diensi

I’m Joel Diensi photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. I use an alter ego for my photography, Dandy Fuego. All this shots are made on 120mm films, using a Mamiya RB67 or Mamiya 645 Super. 


This selection contains different portraits I made for own projects, music covers or fashion editorials. I try to tell a different story with each picture I take. I like to photograph colored people for the simple reason that they don't get represented as they should be in this modern age and time. Using analogue photography adds to the challenge and game of transferring on "paper" whats in my head. Those little details are what inspires me, such things as grain, lighting and effects. One mistake may stay for ever recorded but, it adds to the feeling, to the experience and most importantly, to the fun.

Thank you for taking your time for reading and enjoying the pictures.

All the pictures shown in this article were taken by Joel Diensi. To see more, please head to the links below:

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