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Yanis Dupleix · Selected Work

Monday, 23 March 2020

Interviewed by Odair Fortes

Yanis Dupleix is a fresh portrait photographer from Paris, who enjoys portraiture and photographing daily moments in an honest and uncomplicated way. In this selected work he plays a lot with ambient multicolored light and shows a collection of intimate and/or close up portraits. What he tries to convey are the hidden moods, feelings and the depth of the viewers emotions.

Le treport portra (59 sur 63).jpg
Le treport portra (20 sur 63).jpg

TBbM: Hello Yanis! First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and share something about what you do? 

Hello, my name is Yanis Dupleix. Hailing from Paris and for the past few months I've been an  film photographer.

TBbM: When did you start seriously studying photography?

Whilst being out and about , I’ve always loved taking pictures of my friends on my phone. I never really thought or intended to be a professional photographer. It just happened naturally over time. I’ve only seriously been a photographer since September 2019.  I randomly bought 2 film cameras at a Parisian flea market about a year ago.  

TBbM: Where do you get your inspiration from ?

The large part of my inspiration comes from the people I shoot, I try to feel the energy of the situation and let things flow. Apart from that my favorite movies and nostalgia influences me profoundly. 


TBbM: I can see on your most recent pictures that you experiment a lot with artificial and colored ambient light. Does it add more to your photography style/language?

I’m glad you noticed ! I love to use colored lights ! :-) It can have the tantalizing and immense capability to be the signature of a photographer ! I really feel it can completely change the mood of a picture! I'm particularly fond of creating a dreamy ambiance.

TBbM: Do you scout the places you shoot beforehand or is it more of a stroll trough out the city and shoot as you go?

I was born and raised in Paris and I never get tired of walking through its charming streets. I often choose to walk over getting the public transport. This obviously helps me to gather ideas about potential new spots, where I could shoot. However it totally depends on the situation. Sometimes I have a flash of inspiration and I have a specific idea of a specific model, that might include a small area of Paris or a whole arrondissement.

TBbM: Where do you find the models you use for your work?

A wide variety of places , you never really know where the next model will come from! I’m fortunate that I have a good network of friends that I dip into and of course there is Instagram and model agencies.


TBbM: Do you ever plan on collaborating with another photographer/artist ?

I do indeed. I have a funny feeling that it will happen soon ;-) 

If you could give any starters or people tips on remotely achieving your style, what would it be ? 

Shoot on film. Don’t bother getting to into over priced cameras. I find that they can be pretty useless. You don’t need to have a Contax or a Leica to make great pictures! Have a rummage in your local flea markets, you can find some crazy good deals there. Don't be scared to experiment with colored lights.  

Ask a friend to get involved and to help you out, its amazing what you can do with someone holding a reflector and adding some additional light. There are also some great tutorials on YouTube!  


TBbM: Who are your fav photographers/artists?

There's so much photographers I like but recently I had a huge crush on Min Hyun-woo and Cayetano Gonzalez's work.

And what is your favorite photo-book ? 

My favorite photo-book by far is "Detroit, vestiges du rêve américain" by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.


Lastly, any projects you’re currently working on? Any shows or exhibits coming up where we can see your work up close? 

At the moment I’ve got a lot of work on such as editors for some magazines. I’m also dabbling in video shoots as well. Hopefully, if everything goes well, I’m aiming to hold an exhibit of my works before the end of the year! 



TBbM- Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to The Blackbox Magazine! 

All images © Yanis Dupleix

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