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Brita Enflo

West Coast Mood
Tuesday, 03 March 2020

© Brita Enflo

I have always had a love for photography, but essentially gave it up when I went to college; digital was starting to rapidly outgrow film photography and I got pretty disillusioned with the whole medium. About three years ago, I picked up my old film camera from high school and have fallen in love again. It's become a race against myself to try new cameras, new film stocks, and new techniques; I'm insatiable. Looking through my favorite images, I generally tend to gravitate towards moody landscapes, but have recently started experimenting with concert photography and portraiture. I never want to stop trying something new.

Thank you for taking your time for reading and enjoying the pictures.

All the pictures shown in this article were taken by Brita Enflo. To see more, please head to the links below:

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