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Ilse van Gogh

The offspring of my interest.
Saturday, 04 April 2020

© Ilse van Gogh

I got introduced to photography in my early twenties when I studied to become an art teacher. I always focused on painting and drawing, but since I entered a darkroom it was love at first sight. In 2004 I moved to Spain and I switched to digital photography. Here in Spain I started working as a chef in busy restaurants, taking photos in my free time.

In 2016 my good friend Diana encouraged me to take part of a photography course by Eduardo D’Acosta in the Centre of Modern Arts in Malaga. This course was all about the history and new tendencies of contemporary photography, and this was really a turning point in my work.  It really opened my horizon and made me switch back to analog photography, and I started using an old medium format, twinlensreflex camera from my father in law.

My photos are taken mostly in and around my house, my main subject, as a mother, is my son. I am working on different ongoing projects, one of them is landscapes. I like to explore how we humans mark ourselves in the nature that surrounds us. I like to search for the opposite, when nature takes over and grows or behaves differently.  I also really enjoy assembling still lifes, looking for shapes, colors and contrasts.


Nowadays we are all so used to live the fast life with instant pleasures and results. what i love most about analog photography is that it forces me to calm down and take my time. Sending your film to be developed, waiting anxiously for the negatives to be send back...


This whole circle makes it more precious to me. I use my Photography to find the quietness, my job as a chef is always very busy and stressful. Watching my son play and portraying him helps me to be more in the present.

All the pictures shown in this article were taken by Ilse van Gogh. To see more, please head to the links below:

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